Capcom QSound Amplifier

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There are 2 known variants of the QSound amplifier, both share the same reference CPB-001A, which can be confusing.

  • The first revision is used in Capcom Q GrandAm 25 and US "Big Blue"cabinet and needs 14VAC to work properly.
  • The second revision is used in Capcom Impress and has been modified to work with 12VDC and therefore doesn't need an AC transformer to work.


First revision QSound amps originally come with either of the following AC transformers :

  • CPT-002B Kitamura Kiden, only accepts 100VAC (Black Wire) or 120VAC (Gray Wire) inputs.
  • CPT-003A Kitamura Kiden, only accepts 220VAC (Blue Wire) or 240VAC (Violet Wire) inputs.


Uses JST VHR-3M/JST VHR-3N (power) and JST VHR-4M/JST VHR-4N (speaker out) connectors.
The matching contact is SVH-41T-P1.1
JST VH connectors