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|monitor_size = 25
|monitor_size = 25
|monitor_sync = 15/24
|monitor_sync = 15/24
|monitor_model = Toshiba/Nanao MS8-25FBC
|monitor_model = Toshiba/Nanao MS8-25FBC or FAR
|rotatable =  yes
|rotatable =  yes
|rotate_mech = Some versions have a rotate mechanism
|rotate_mech = Some versions have a rotate mechanism

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Capcom Q GrandAm 25
Katakana Q-グランダム25
Type Sitdown
Released 1993
Dimensions 965 x 800 x 1435 (1700 with marquee) mm
Wiring JAMMA
Monitor 25 in 15/24 kHz (Toshiba/Nanao MS8-25FBC or FAR)
Rotatable yes
Weight 115 kg
Power Supply Nemic-Lambda ZT170-525/CPS
Power 110 W




Additional Information

  • Some versions have a rotate mechanism
  • Wired with CPS1 & CPS2 Kick Harnesses
  • CPS2 Link wires with headers in rear
  • Uses QSound CPB-001A Amp; Selection between JAMMA Amplified (Left 4pin Connector) or QSound via RCA (Right 4pin Connector) located under Coin Counters
  • Toshiba Tube: A59JMZ193X

Nemic-Lambda ZT170-525/CPS Power Supply

  • Input: 100-120VAC, 200-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Output: 5V (10A), 12V (6A), -5V (1A)
  • Please Note: Monitor powered by source, not power supply.

QSound Amplifier

  • Uses Capcom CPB-001A Amplifier (18VAC Version) which requires a CPT-002B Kitamura Kiden Transformer
  • Same Amplifier is used in US "Big Blue" Qsound Cabinets
  • CPT-002B Kitamura Kiden Transformer only accepts 100VAC (Black Wire) or 120VAC (Gray Wire)
  • Capcom Impress uses a modified version of the CPB-001A (12VDC) and has no transformer.

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