Konami Domy H.V

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Konami Domy H.V.
Katakana ドーミーH.V.
Type Sitdown
Released 1990.[1]
Dimensions 760 x 630 x 1435 mm
Wiring JAMMA
Monitor 26 in 15/24 kHz (Nanao MS8-26AK)
Rotatable Yes (Has rotate mechanism)
Weight 95 kg
Power 120 W


Volume Control

The Domy H.V. is wired to JAMMA standard, but has two L-Pads attenuator for individual speaker volume control. The L-Pads model is a Cosmos Tokyo "CAT-40H" rated 8ohms50db. The model seems to have been discontinued (confirmation needed).

Maintenance Panel

The Domy H.V. has 3 maintenance buttons (Test, Service, Degauss) as well as two volume control pots (left and right respectively). The degauss switch is linked directly to the monitor chassis directly.
The buttons are Miyama DS-133
The L-Pads attenuator model is a Cosmos Tokyo "CAT-40H" rated 8ohms50db.
(This model seems to have been discontinued, confirmation needed)


The Domy H.V. use Tamiya L6.2 4pins connectors for Sound.

This is used to connect the JAMMA pins L & 10 to the two L-Pads.