List of Candy Cabinets

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AMBO All Star Arbitrariness Big Century 20 Big Century 29 Big Century 38 Bingo CWC-201 CWC-202 CWC-203 Capcom CAV System 60 Capcom CAVII OOB 60 Capcom Captain IV Capcom Cute Capcom Impress Capcom OOB 50 Capcom Playzass Capcom Q GrandAm 25 Capcom Status 18 Capcom Status 25 Champ Cyclone Delta 32 Disport G-Balance Grand Master 50 Hi-Tech Irem Madonna Irem Madonna 33 Jaleco Lo-Pro 19" Universal Jaleco Pony 29 Jaleco Pony 40 Jaleco Pony Mark II Jaleco Pony Mark II 28 Jaleco Pony Mark III 25 Jaleco Pony Mark IV Jaleco Pony Video Game Jaleco Table Pony Jaleco Table Pony 25 Jaleco Table Pony 25 VH Joy-Ro 21 Joy-Ro 29 Konami Domy H.V Konami Domy Jr Konami Domy Theater Konami Domy Theater 50 Konami Sauroid Konami Windy Konami Windy II MAS 18 MSP Joymax Magalo Namco Arena Sight Namco Consolette 26 Namco Cyber Lead Namco Cyber Lead II Namco Dynalive Namco Excelcabinet Namco Exceleena Namco Exceleena II Pearl Baby Rainbow Rock II Playtime SNK Candy 18 SNK Candy 25 SNK Candy 26 SNK MV19SC-0 SNK MV25TA-0 SNK MV25UP-0 SNK MVS-U1/33 SNK MVS-U2 SNK MVS-U2/25 SNK MVS-U2/29 SNK MVS-U2/33 SNK MVS-U4 SNK MVS-U4/29 SNK MVS-U4/33 SNK Neo 19 SNK Neo 25 SNK Neo 29 SNK Neo 50 SNK Neo 50 II SNK Neo 50 III SNK Neo Candy 25 SNK Neo Candy 29 SNK SC14-2 SNK SC19-4 SNK SC25-4 SNK SCB-U4 SNK Super Neo 29 SNK Super Neo 29 Candy SNK Super Neo 29 Type II SNK Video Game Sammy Atomiswave SD Sammy Lunaria Sammy Seychelles Sammy Video World Sega Aero City Sega Aero Table Sega Aero Table T-26 Sega Astro City Sega Astro City 2 Sega Blast City Sega City Sega Lindbergh Universal Sega Megalo 410 Sega Megalo 50 Sega Megalo City 29 Sega Naomi Deluxe Universal Sega Naomi Universal Sega Net City Sega New Astro City Sega New Net City Sega New Versus City Sega Super Megalo Sega Super Megalo 2 Sega Super Megalo 3 Sega Swing Sega T-13 Table Sega Versus City Shijia Storm City Sunsoft Runa Super King [[Super King 2 Super LS 17-21 Super LS 21-25 Super LS 25-29 Super Red Magic Super Star Super Star 2 Super Wooden Case Taito Canary Taito Egret 29 Taito Egret 3 Taito Egret II Taito ML 5 Taito MM 5 Taito MT-2 Taito MT-5 Taito MT-8 Taito Teatro 37 Taito Teatro 50 Taito Teatro 50 EX Taito Vewlix Taito Vewlix Diamond Taito Vewlix VS Taito Video Game Tecmo Kyotaro 29 Tecmo Kyotaro Deluxe Tecmo Urban Tecmo Video Game [Universal City]] WeChe OK Baby WeChe Q Baby With Me Xiongba KT003 Xiongba KT008