List of JAMMA PCB's that require -5 volts

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Small add-on circuit to add -5V to your PSU/Jamma harness

[1] Negatron from Dimension Engineering
ATTENTION - The Negatron device provides -5v@500mA, which may be insufficient for some pcbs.

Cabinet Power Suplies with known issues

Sega Astro City 400-5198-01 PSU's suffer from having an under-powered -5v regulator rated at only 500ma fitted by design. This is not powerful enough for a lot of games that require -5v, most notably Bubble Bobble and Taito G-Net motherboards. A kit is available for this PSU that upgrades the weakness available here:[2]. Other models of Astro City cabinets/PSU's may be affected but have not been verified as yet.

JAMMA PCB's that require -5 volts

Cadash - No sound

Double Dragon - Required for music

Donkey Kong

Fighting Hawk - No sound

Gals Panic 2 - No sound

Mortal Kombat 2

NBA JAM - No sound

NBA Maximum Hangtime - No sound

Pit Fighter - No sound

Rainbow Islands - No sound

Rampage World Tour

Thunder Fox - No sound

Toki - Required for sound amplifier

Most if not all Midway pcb released in the 90's

Combat Tribes - No sound

Super Dodgeball (tecmo PCB, not neogeo) - No sound

Bubble Bobble - required for board functionality

Rastan - No sound

Liquid Kids- No sound

Volfied - No Sound