Mahou Daisakusen

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Mahou Daisakusen

Title screen
Katakana 魔法大作戦
Developer Raizing
Publisher Able Corp (JP)
Raizing (World)
Programmer Shinobu Yagawa
Composer Atsuhiro Motoyama
Series Mahou Daisakusen
Release date 1993
Genre Shooter
Control 8-way Joystick, 3 Buttons
Orientation Vertical
CPU 68000 @ 16 MHz
Z80 @ 4 MHz
Sound YM2151 @ 3.375 MHz
OKI6295 @ 1 MHz
Display 15KHz

Mahou Daisakusen (魔法大作戦), also known as Sorcer Striker, is a 1993 shoot'em up released by Raizing. It is the first game in the Mahou Daisakusen and the first game developed by Raizing.


Invasion by the monsters of the Gobligan Empire. Line-up of super magical weapons! The Kingdom was about to end. Four Prize Hunters come forward to overthrow the evil Gobligans. People vs Gobligans. The greatest battle of magic is about to start![1]


Players can choose from four characters:

  • Gain, the Fighter
  • Chitta, the Witch
  • Miyamoto, the Samurai
  • Bornnam, the Necromancer

Each character has their own unique attacks for their options.

Additionally, the red mech Bashinet is a recurring boss throughout the game.


  1. Sorcer Striker attract mode, Engrish intact

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