Remove Monitor Scratches

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First you need a glass polishing kit, I got mine from this site: they take paypal and are pretty quick at posting the kit. You also need a power drill recommended speed 2000 rpms, and a water sprayer. I also recommend covering up the sides,top, and bottom around your monitor with towels as there will be a fair amount of spray, I didn't to start off and sprayed my wall and display cabinet and had to wipe them down so be warned !. (unplug power to your cab first !)

Edit**Also good to have a bowl of water for cleaning\wetting wiping cloth and a big kitchen roll for drying down the screen.

Ok read the instructions and then attach the buffer to the power drill, attach the buffer disc:

Scratches 01.jpg
Apply some of the polishing compound:

Scratches 02.jpg

Get the spray bottle ready, I started the job without one (don't) you can control the amount of water with the sprayer a lot easier than with say a sponge:

Scratches 03.jpg

Give the screen a light spray of water with the sprayer and then start to polish the screen with the drill-buffer moving back and forth horizontally from side to side. As you can see from the pic the coating starts to come off, takes quite a bit of time going over and over the area. A warning if you don't want you screen to crack DON'T hold the buffer in one spot for more than 20 seconds as per the instructions (heat build up=crack, not good Evil or Very Mad :

Scratches 04.jpg

Zap that dirty looking coating, close up pic:

Scratches 05.jpg

Just a couple of patches left, took me about 2 hrs to get to this stage:

Scratches 06.jpg

Left mark up close:

Scratches 07.jpg

Now you see it , now you don't Happy :

Scratches 08.jpg

Bottom mark still visable:

Scratches 09.jpg

Now it's not:

Scratches 10.jpg

My new shiny screen :P :

Scratches 11.jpg


Scratches 12.jpg

That's one dirty disc:

Scratches 13.jpg

This pic show's how dirty the disc's got up until the last disc which I used to finished off with:

Scratches 14.jpg

These were the marks that I had before I started this little project:

Scratches 15.jpg

Diff angle:

Scratches 16.jpg

I also had some marks down the left side of the screen and a few swirl marks right of centre, now all gone :D , The kit will also remove slight scratches as long as you can run your finger nail over the area and not snag your nail. I suppose all that's left to say is I'm over the moon with the job :P , It took about 3 hrs from start to finish. I also take no responsibility for any damage you do to your monitor from this guide, but you already knew that right Happy .

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