Saturday Night Slam Masters Repair Logs

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Repairer: channelmaniac

Symptom: Dead

This is one of the games that has a special C board with a battery backed encryption key on it. Battery was dead. "Phoenixed" the C board. This means it was resurrected from the dead by programming 2 new unencrypted program ROMs, removing the battery from the C board, cutting a ground trace to 2 pins on the custom Capcom C board chip, and tying those 2 pins to +5v.

Game was still dead. This one also has the special QSound board and it had a similar battery as the C board that was also dead. Phoenixed the Q-Sound board by burning a 27C040 EPROM with both the encrypted and unencrypted code and adding in a 4002 IC to bank switch the ROMs back & forth to pass the CPU encryption checks. Attempted to play the game but it worked fine - I really stink at this one.

Symptom: Dead

Removed battery, cut 2 traces, and added one jumper to the C board. Replaced ROM 23 with the Phoenixed version of code.

Removed R33 and C12 then jumpered across C12 on the Qsound board. Cut the jumper between pins 30 and 31 on the sound EPROM. Added a jumper from pin 27 of the Kabuki CPU to pin 31 on the sound EPROM.

Cut the jumper between Pins 31 and 32 of the sound EPROM. Added in a 4002 IC and jumper wires necessary to phoenix the sound board. Replaced the sound EPROM with the Phoenixed version of code and tested.