Taito Vewlix

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Type Sitdown
Released 2007
Dimensions 798 x 798 x 1570 mm
Wiring JVS
Monitor 32 in 1366x768 LCD monitor (720P LCD Monitor)
Rotatable Yes
Weight 120 kg

Versions: Vewlix F, Vewlix L, Vewlix VS. Vewlix F has been discontinued. Vewlix L is a cheaper version of the Vewlix F. Vewlix VS is a back-to-back dual screen 2p design in the vein of the Sega VS City cabinets.

Taito Vewlix.jpg

Rotating a Vewlix monitor

Material's needed:

  1. Phillips screwdriver
  2. A Hex set for the Control Panel(really only need that one size for the cp but my keys do not have a size on it so I am unsure of the size.)


  1. Unscrew the black screw next to the bottom speaker on the sides of the cab.
  2. Unscrew the Black screw for the piece thats between the side piece and the top portion of the cab.
  3. When you remove the black metal piece that part should just come right out.
  4. When that piece is removed you'll see a silver screw unscrew that.
  5. Now the whole side piece that says Vewlix l/f comes right off.(For me one side came right out the other needed a bit more pull to come out)
  6. Do this on both sides.
  7. Now thats off the cab open the back of the lcd area behind the cab (2x screws) and unscrew the monitor(4x screws)
  8. From Either side slide the monitor out to where you can get enough grip and then pull it out.(monitor was a bit heavier then I thought it would be haha)
  9. There should be a small bracket in front of the Control panel thats held in by 3 screws, remove that.
  10. With the monitor out look at the metal piece that in between and you'll see its held in there with a bracket with some wing screws.
  11. Remove the wing screws from the top and bottom brackets and the whole metal piece comes out.
  12. Remove the control panel. (I would assume everyone that has a Vewlix knows this part if not I can step that out later if needed.)
  13. Now I guess this can be done 2 ways either from here put the monitor in, watch the part that stick out on the top area it needs to be stuck in an angle or you can put the metal speaker bezel in on both sides then slide in the monitor. There are holes on top of the wood housing in the speakers for the bezel. And you can loosen up the nut on the bracket to get that clean flush look. Either way you decide to go I would screw in the lcd after putting it in before moving on to putting the metal bezel on or putting the side of the cab back on.
  14. so after monitor and bezel are back on time to put it back together.
  15. Put that 3x screw metal piece back on.
  16. I put the Sides back on screwing them back in by first screwing the screw on the inside top in.
  17. Screwing in the bottom black screw.
  18. Screwing in the small metal piece on top between the side of the cab and the top portion.
  19. Get both side on.
  20. Control panel Back on.
  21. Plug everything back into the monitor.(I did need to take them out of that plastic thing that held them on the side of the speaker to reach where the plug s were now)
  22. Close the back back up.
  23. Turn it on to test.

Control Panel Cabling

Vewlix CP Connectors.jpg

Player 1

  • Connector: "J" JST YLP-15V Male (Cabinet) <--> JST YLR-15V Female (Control panel)


1 - Start 2 - Up 3 - Down 4 - Left 5 - Right
6 - Button 1 7 - Button 2 8 - Button 3 9 - Button 4 10 - Button 5
11 - Button 6 12 - Ground 13 - N/C 14 - N/C 15 - N/C

Player 2

  • Connector: "K" - JST YLR-12V Female (Cabinet) <--> JST YLP-12V Male (Control panel)


4 - Left 3 - Down 2 - Up 1 - Start
8 - Button 3 7 - Button 2 6 - Button 1 5 - Right
12 - Ground 11 - Button 6 10 - Button 5 9 - Button 4


  • Connector: "N" - JST YLR-08V Female (Cabinet)


4 - tbc 3 - tbc 2 - tbc 1 - tbc
8 - tbc 7 - tbc 6 - tbc 5 - tbc
  • Connector: "E1" JST YLR-02V Female (Cabinet) <--> JST YLP-02V Male (Control panel)


2 - N/C 1 - Earth


Can come with some or none of the following:

Type X2

Taito Type X3


Fast I/O

Nesica RFID card reader

Taito Card Reader




Monitor Menu

An extra menu for Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness and Color Temp can be accessed by holding the "Down" button, followed by "Menu" button and keeping both pressed for a couple of seconds.


Insert coin sticker is ~ 65mm x 85mm


Penrhos's disassembly guide V1.