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Takumi Corporation
Katakana タクミコーポレーション
Rōmaji Takumi Kōporēshon
Type Developer
Fate Unknown; presumed Disbanded
Predecessor Toaplan
Founded May 1994
Defunct No earlier than April 2009
Headquarters Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Website Wayback Machine - takumi-net.co.jp

Takumi Corporation (タクミコーポレーション) is a Japanese video game company that is famous for developing arcade shoot 'em ups. Takumi was one of four companies founded after Toaplan declared bankruptcy. Among Toaplan's offshoots, only Takumi has developed any sequels to former Toaplan games.

List of Arcade Releases

Game Year Publisher
Twin Cobra II 1996 Taito
Kyuukyouku Tiger II PLUS 1997 Taito
Giga Wing 1999 Capcom
Mars Matrix 2000 Capcom
Giga Wing 2 2000 Capcom
Night Raid 2002 Taito
Giga Wing Generations 2004 Taito

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