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'''Windy II''' <br>
'''Windy II''' <br>
<strike>'''Vewlix C'''<br></strike>
<strike>'''Vewlix C'''<br></strike>
'''Vewlix L AMI''' <br>
The badboy that started it all...
The badboy that started it all...
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Never say never...!
== Games: ==
== Games: ==

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Leisure 2000 Woody
Sega New Astro City
Sega New Astro City
Windy I
Astro City
Egret II
Astro Project Cab
Vewlix C
Egret II
Windy I
Windy I
Windy II
Vewlix C
Vewlix L AMI

The badboy that started it all...


The IC09 Astro...


The new kid in town...


2016 Windy Time!


Here Comes a New Challenger! (for a short while only)

Wigs Astro.JPG

Taking the weight out of Tate 'n' Bate


Astro City Project Cab

Astro Refurb 1.JPG

Taking it to the next gen...

Vewlix SSFIVAE.jpg

Secondary Tate 'n' Bate


Windy Posse...shame they're not all mine

Windy Posse.jpg

It's raining Windy cabs!!!

Wig windy2.jpg

The final cab... ;-)

Vewlix part2.jpg

Never say never...!



Alien Vs Predator

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000

Captain Commando (conversion)

Crime Fighters 2 : 4 Player (JPN Version N) (Plus 2 Player version P romset)

Demolish Fist


Dodonpachi II : BeeStorm

DoDonPachi DaiOuJou (conversion)

Espgaluda (conversion)

Espgaluda II

Final Fight

Gokujou Parodius!

Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star)

Hot Gimmick 2

Hyper Street Fighter II : The Anniversary Edition (all in one)

Ketsui (conversion)

The Last Blade

Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

Mars Matrix

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat II

Mr Driller 2


Mushihimesama Futari Black Label "Another Ver"

The NewZealand Story

Pit Fighter

Pocket Fighter

Progear no Arashi

The Punisher

Raiden DX

Raiden Fighters


Salamander 2

Samurai Spirits

SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos

Snow Bros

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

Street Fighter II′ Turbo: Hyper Fighting

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Street Fighter Zero

Street Fighter Alpha II

Street Fighter Zero II Alpha

Street Fighter Zero III

Sunset Riders : 2 Player (EB D Version) (Plus 4 Player EA C romset)

4 x Super Street Fighter II : The Tournament Battle

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Super Street Fighter IV

Tatsunoko vs Capcom

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles : 2 Player (UK Version U) (Plus 4 Player TMNT JPN Version 2 romset)

Thunder Force AC

Vendetta : 2 Player (Asia Version Unknown)

Vendetta : 4 Player (US Version R)

World Rally Championship

WWF Wrestlefest


X-Men Vs Street Fighter



Capcom JVS -> JAMMA i/o

Capcom CPS2 Multi

JammaCon (Mega Drive, PC Engine, Playstation, Saturn & SNES)

Jammafier (JAMMA -> JVS)



Konami JAMMA -> JVS i/o


Neo Geo MV-1A Motherboard

Neo Geo MV-1FZ Motherboard

Neo Geo MVS Multi

Nintendo Super System (F-Zero, Super Mario World, Super Tennis)

PGM Motherboard

Sega Naomi 1 Motherboard

Taito X2

Taito X2

Vogatek MK1 Supergun


The 'timeline...'