Vega 9000 DX

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Vega 9000 DX
Katakana ベガ 9000 DX
Dimensions 270 x 540 x 110 mm
Weight 7.3 kg
Wiring JAMMA
Video Output RGB & S-Video
Controller Built-in
Controller Layout 2L12B
Sticks LS-32
Buttons Seimitsu


Front/ Top

Just 3 screws to be found on the front. The control panel is a Sega Aero city sized panel which is held in place by 6 wing nuts. The overlay on mine is Super Street Fighter II but there is also a Street Figter II, Street Fighter II Turbo and Vampire Saviour I don't know if there were any other overlays available. Coin button, P1 and P2 button. Each player has 6 buttons and 6 autofire switches with speed control dials. the autofire switches light up when a button is pressed.


This is where the +5VADJ, the connector for the proprietary keyed Vega loom, RGB, MO ST, 12V+ LED, 5V- LED, HD, S.BR, C.B.C and VIDEO VHF-S are located.

+5VADJ There is a small hole and within the recess is an unmarked white pot which is the +5V adjustment pot.

Loom connector The Vega loom connector is keyed in two places as the connectors come on two separate fingerboards. The larger of the two fingerboards is for all the regular gubbins and the second smaller connector is for the Capcom kick harness.

RGB RGB output. The European RGB scart cable is interchangeable with the Sigma AV6000/ AV7000 and Raijin which are sold here.

MO ST Stereo / Mono switch

12V+ LED LED light for the 12V+

5V- LED LED light for the 5V-

HD Headphone jack

S.BR S Video or AV brightness control only

CBC Colour burst correction, adjusts colour hue and intensity which sharpens the image.

VIDEO VHF-S S video or AV output

Right hand side

This is where the power switch, fuse and the power cord are located.

Power switch on/off power switch, a small red light comes on when the unit is switched on.

Fuse Easy access to the screw in fuse

Power cord This non detachable, as you would expect this is hard wired in the power supply.