Namco System 22

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Namco System 22
Manufacturer Namco
Year 1993
CPU 68020 @ 24.5MHz
GPU Evans & Sutherland TR3
Sound M37702 (S22) M37710 (SS22)
Resolution 15k
Wiring Standard JAMMA
Predecessor Namco System 21
Successor Namco System 11

The Namco System 22 is the successor to the Namco System 21 arcade system board co-designed with the assistance of graphics & simulation experts Evans & Sutherland. It was first released in 1993 with the game Ridge Racer. It was essentially a continuation of the System 21 hardware design, where the main CPU provides a scene description to a bank of Digital signal processor|DSP chips which perform all necessary 3-D computer graphics|3D calculations. Additional graphical improvements included texture mapping, Gouraud shading, Transparency (optics)|transparency effects, and depth cueing thanks to the Evans & Sutherland 'TR3' chip/chipset, which stands for: Texture Mapping, Real-Time,Real-Visual, Rendering System.[1]

A variant of the system, called the Super System 22, was released in 1995. The hardware was largely similar to the System 22, but with a slightly higher polygon rate and more special effects possible.[2]

Hardware Specification

  • CPU: Motorola 68020 32-bit @ 24.576 MHz
  • DSP: 2x Texas Instruments TMS32025 @ 49.152 MHz (exact number of DSPs may vary)
  • Sound CPU: Mitsubishi M37702 (System 22 Games) or M37710 (Super System 22 Games) @ 16.384 MHz
  • Sound Chip: Namco C352

Game List

Each game has a 2 or 3 digit letter code assigned to it. Then a number 1 or 2, Then a Rev. A/B/C/D which denotes the software revision. The 1 denotes a Japanese version. 2 denotes a World version. So far there are no other numbers used other than 1 or 2. For World versions, usually only the main program uses a '2', the rest of the ROM labels use the Japanese region code '1'. There is one exception so far. The World version of Alpine Racer 2, which uses a World version DATA ROM, and also one of the WAVE ROMs is a World version, but one Japanese WAVE ROM is also used.[3]

List of System 22 Games

Title Year Code Notes
Ace Driver: Racing Evolution 1994 AD
Ace Driver: Victory Lap 1996 ADV
Cyber Commando 1994 CY
Rave Racer 1995 RV
Ridge Racer 1993 RR
Ridge Racer 2 1994 RRS

List of Super System 22 Games

Title Year Code Notes
Air Combat 22 1995 ACS
Alpine Racer 1994 AR
Alpine Racer 2 1996 ARS
Alpine Surfer 1996 AF
Aqua Jet 1996 AJ
Armadillo Racing 1997
Cyber Cycles 1995 CB
Dirt Dash 1995 DT
Prop Cycle 1996 PR
Time Crisis 1995 TS
Tokyo Wars 1995 TW


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