How To Package Items Safely For Shipping

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Safely packing items that you've sold is important. Postal and courier services handle millions of packages and merely writing "fragile" or "do not drop/bend" on it will not get your item treated with any special care and attention.

Below are some tried and tested methods for packing different types of items to eliminate the chance of them being damaged through normal handling procedures.


When shipping artwork the most important factor is that it cannot move at all or get folded.

  1. Wrap the arts that are the same size in plastic folded and taped so that they cannot move inside the plastic.
  2. Tape these pieces to a piece of corrugated cardboard that is at least 20mm larger on all edges than the largest piece.
  3. Take another piece of cardboard the same size as the previous and tape it tightly on all four sides to the other one so the art is sandwiched in the middle. Ideally make sure the grain of the corrugations runs 90 degrees to the other.
  4. If the sandwich isn't rigid enough, add another piece of taped cardboard, again making sure the grain is 90 degrees to the one its being taped to.
  5. Ship in whatever is handy. Normal envelope, plastic envelope, bubble bag, box.