Monitor Chassis Repairs

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Craig is well known within the coin op industry and arcade community-he has a vast knowledge of all monitors
for all hantarex models,Chris is an excellent tech
harry clarke is a respected tech in the industry,working for many years with pentranic and able to offer repairs to all pentranic monitors and others
joey is another well known monitor tech and is based in Australia
Rick has been involved with sharp image,eizo/nanao,pentranic and also produces crt.Based in Canada
Eurocoin are based in a smallish building in Barnet, North London -
Devil Soundwave - "The people at Eurocoin are very friendly, and seem like a top bunch of people - even gave me a lift back to the tube station! :)"
Chubsta - "Eurocoin repaired a monitor for me - great service, much cheaper than I expected - cant recommend them enough! :awe:"
If you're in the US/Canada, Chad at does a wide variety of monitors.
Based in New Zealand, Pintech recently started repairing chassis's.