Aero Fighters Repair Logs

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Repairer: GameDude
Forum Thread: Aero Fighters PCB Repair

Ebay stikes back!! Got this board of an Ebay buy and seller.. claimed it was perfect but when tested PROPERLY I could not coin the game.

TEST mode showed all inputs working except coin 1 was being held low. Hmmm probed the inputs and the COIN 1 was definatly low, traced back to the LS244 chip and after probing that noted that the input was pulsing but the output was low (shorted internally)

This is quite common and is usually because of coin mechs/coin counters that have no diode to ward of spikes most owners dont even know what the danger is. A short or spike is all it takes to knock out an input.

Anyway desoldered the chip and replaced with a new off the shelf chip in a socket and wallah it all works. So much for TESTED 100% on Ebay.... BAH! ****ers... Least it was an easy fix. STATUS :- FIXED

Repair Logs converted to wiki format by Brad from Aussie Arcade.