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Arcade Otaku: The Rules

Mission Statement:

Arcade Otaku aims to be a friendly community space for fans of arcade culture and collectors of arcade equipment alike. We value the appreciation and preservation of original arcade games. We are not a resource for the creation of unoriginal hardware nor a marketplace to profit from.

The forum is subject to the following rules. However, we reserve the right to judge each thread individually and moderate at our discretion, in line with the above mission statement.

General Forum Rules:

  • New members have restricted access and your first post will require approval by a moderator before it is displayed on the forum. You will not be able to use the marketplace until then. We suggest you start in the introductions thread.
  • Respect new members, we've all been there.
  • Open discussion of unofficial hardware (bootlegs, conversions, multi-games etc) is allowed, but only if it falls in line with our mission statement. If a moderator decides your thread or Wiki entry's primary purpose is to advertise your product or provide instruction on how to create unofficial hardware/software, it will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned. Stealing other peoples work will also get your thread deleted.
  • Swearing is allowed in moderation, but barrages of abuse or personal attacks will not be tolerated. There is an optional swear filter in the User Control Panel".
  • The forum should be safe to view in a work or family environment. This means pictures or video of a pornographic or explicit nature are not allowed. No dodgy avatars please.
  • Please keep all sales ads to the Marketplace. If these are related to a business, that means the business section. Please read the Marketplace rules thoroughly.
  • No affiliate links allowed.
  • Keep image quoting to a minimum.
  • Users found to be using more than one account will be banned without warning.
  • Please try and use the search functions and post in existing topics where it makes sense, even if they are old.
  • Members with a zero post count have no access to the Marketplace, and posting in the Marketplace does not add to your post count.
  • Keep your post count up. We carry out regular maintenance whereby post counts are recalculated, and members with zero posts may be deleted without warning. Please contribute to avoid being deleted!
  • Members that hit 1000 posts are automatically eligible for a custom rank. PM an administrator with your desired choice.

Marketplace Rules:

You must supply the following information in your ad:

  1. A link to feedback on eBay or another forum if you have less than 5 positive feedback as a seller within the forum system. Buyers should verify this feedback personally. (You can add your eBay username to your profile in the User Control Panel.)
  2. Your location. (Please add this to your profile in the User Control Panel.)
  3. Prices for all items, even "Interest Checks". If you're unsure, post in the What's it worth thread.

Buyers can leave feedback by clicking the link in the sales thread. The seller can then leave the buyer feedback in return.

Sales of unofficial hardware and software (bootlegs, conversions, multi-games etc) are allowed, however:

  • No producing or re-selling such hardware for profit.

Anyone suspected of using the forum to profit from unofficial hardware will be banned. If you have unofficial hardware to sell, this is allowed but it can’t have been produced by yourself and you can only sell one of this item per year.

  • Members found to be lurking solely to profit from wanted ads for such hardware will be banned.
  • All unofficial hardware is to be described accurately as such and be in no way misleading.
  • Complaining about prices (thread poisoning) is not allowed, unless the item in question is unofficial, in which case prices can be challenged in line with our mission statement.

Generally speaking, don’t be a dick. If you’re in it for the money and don't wish to contribute to the community, you’re in the wrong place.

Other Marketplace Rules:

  • Items are assumed to be in full working order unless stated otherwise.
  • Shipping insurance is presumed to be included unless stated otherwise. If you're not prepared to cover lost or damaged items yourself, give your buyer the option of paying the extra for an insured service. If the buyer chooses not to pay insurance or requests a low customs declaration, it is at the buyers risk of loss or damage. Please retain proof of posting or tracking numbers for all of your sales.
  • Any known repairs or alterations to PCBs should be noted.
  • "For Trade" threads must give some examples of items you would like in exchange and should not be used as a way around the prices rule.
  • Items must be in your possession and ready to ship.
  • Any photos of the item available must have been taken by you.
  • All items sold should be shipped within a week of payment unless otherwise stated within the original thread. If the forum team receive multiple complaints about slow dispatch times, the seller will be suspended from the marketplace. If you cannot meet these terms and provide a professional service, do not sell here.
  • Please test items as soon as they arrive as sellers are less likely to refund a faulty item the longer you leave it.
  • Please do not open multiple topics unnecessarily. You are allowed no more than two active threads on the first page of each section at any one time. You can lock and unlock your own sales threads, you do not need a moderator to do this for you.
  • No excessive "bumping".
  • Do not delete items from your sales thread when sold, just in case any disputes arise on receipt.
  • No gazumping. Listed or accepted prices are final.
  • The creator of the thread has first refusal in wanted ads.
  • Please remember that sending or receiving a Paypal "Gift" payment entitles you to no Paypal protection!
  • Marketplace Ads will be automatically purged 90 days after the last post date.
  • Do not be afraid to leave appropriate feedback if a deal has been unsatisfactory. You can always appeal unjust or retaliatory feedback by contacting one of the forum team. If you make a mistake posting feedback, you can fix it by posting correct feedback and contacting an administrator to delete the wrong line.
  • If a dispute arises that you would like to discuss with forum members, please use the Dispute Resolution Thread.
  • Please familiarise yourself with the list of banned members.

Please use the "Report this post" button to notify moderators if a post breaks any rules.

By posting on the forum you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions. Please note Arcade Otaku takes no responsibility for deals made on the forum. It is up to you to protect yourself by checking reputations and obtaining proof of postage.

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy the forum.