Arcana Heart

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Arcana Heart
Katakana アルカナハート
Developer Yuki Enterprise
Publisher Atrativa Japan
Designer Sakuraitooru
Series Arcana Heart
Release date 22 December 2006
Genre Fighting
Control 8-way Joystick, 4 Buttons
Orientation Horizontal
Arcade hardware Ghost Board
Display 31KHz

Arcana Heart (アルカナハート) is a fighting game made by Yuki Enterprise and released on 22 December 2006. It is the first game in the Arcana Heart series.

Arcana Heart FULL

EXAMU released an upgrade kit in April 2007, under the name "Arcana Heart FULL". It was originally planned to sell for 148,000 yen before the price was slashed to 78,000 yen after protests from arcade operators (in comparison, Melty Blood’s upgrades were free). The upgrade kit consisted of one custom chip and a single set of art[1].


  • Fixed certain bugs.
  • Additional colors.
  • Balanced characters powers.
  • Addition of a practice mode.

Tips and Tricks

  • Fiona and Orekarukosu Unlock Code : Without any credits inserted at the title screen, enter : 1P side [A], 2P side [Up], 1P side [B], 2P side [Right], 1P side [C], 2P side [Down], 1P side [D], 2P side [Left], 1P side and 2P side [START] at the same time.

If the code was successful, you'll hear the same sound effect as when you select your character and arcana.


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