Capcom Bowling Repair Logs

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Repairer: channelmaniac

Symptom: No graphics. Just blocks on the screen.

Board was missing all graphics elements. It was running the Bowl-O-Rama program and sound ROMs.

Bowl-O-Rama uses the same board as Capcom Bowling but requires a daughterboard with a 2Mb EPROM for the graphics elements. This daughterboard was missing. Programmed a new program ROM and sound ROM to replace the existing ones. Programmed the 3 27C256 EPROMs for the graphics elements and inserted them into the empty sockets. Replaced a bad 74LS138 IC in the memory decode circuitry to finish the repair.

Symptom: Dead. Missing chips.

Replaced two missing 68B09E CPUs and a Yamaha 2203 Audio IC. Tested.