Captain America Repair Logs

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Repairer: channelmaniac

Symptom: Dead, missing parts.

Replaced 2 missing proms with ones pulled from parts Capt America board. Moved over 7 EPROMs from the parts board and burned an EPROM to replace the missing 8th. Fixed a short on the bottom of the board. CPU would not come up. Checked the reset line - it was being held high and never cycled from low to high to have the CPU boot normally. Traced it back and replaced a broken capacitor to fix the board.

Symptom: Dead

Board was dead. No power. Replaced 3 broken power filters next to the JAMMA connector and tested.

Repairer: sleepy

Symptom: Dead

Pulled eproms, dumped and verified against roms from M.A.M.E. using romident, found 2 corrupt (1E and 3E), burned new roms (1.6 version to match others). Replaced caps for good measure. Tested, board was still dead. Noticed one 64k SRAM chip (CXK5864BSP-70L) was darker than the rest, replaced with one from a parts board. Powered up and played through.