Combatribes Repair Logs

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Repairer: channelmaniac

Symptom: No video or audio. Only a light blue screen.

The board only gave a light blue screen and had no audio. There were no video artifacts or other garbage on the screen. Coining it up made the screen flash and there was good activity on the main CPU. This was a good sign as this game flashes the screen when a coin is dropped during attract mode.

Tapped on the 2 surface mount chips (IC33 and IC84) and saw video artifacts of the game playing. Reflowed the solder connections on both chips to fix the video.

Inspected the board and found a gouged trace on the bottom of the board leading over to the sound subsystem. Patched the trace and replaced a broken 10uf electrolytic to fix the audio.

Replaced 3 broken 100uf electroltyics on the +5v line to finish the repair.

Symptom: Corrupt graphics and no inputs.

Resoldered the 2 surface mount ICs to fix the background graphics problem. Reseated the PROM at IC43 to fix the missing foreground graphics. Fixed a broken trace going to IC98 to fix the double text problem. Patched a broken trace to fix the input problems and tested.