Dragon Spirit Repair Logs

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Repairer: Paul Swan

BOARD NO: 0068
GAME: Dragon Spirit
DATE: 1987

SYMPTOM (07/07/96)

(1) Poor colour contrast.
(2) Game crashed with an EEPROM error when the operator settings were changed.


(1) Some trasnsitor legs were broken off in the group of six transistors near the auxiliary video connectror, J4. Three of the transistors were coded as "A1015 GR7D" and three as "C2320 61G". None of my spares catalogues had them listed under that number and so I removed a couple of "good" ones and identified the polarity and pinout with a transistor checker. The "A1015" was PNP/hfe=220 with the pinout E-C-B and the "C2320" was NPN/hfe=440 with the pinout E-C-B. I replaced all the "A1015" with "ZTX550" and "C2320" with "ZTX450". This restored the video fully, and the picture quality was excellent.

(2) There was a 1982 2716 EPROM installed in location U1 that looked conspicuously out of place for a board produced in 1987. Also, it didn't have a nicely printed label like all the other EPROMS on the board and it was all alone in the corner. Removing the 2716 revealed "XL2816" written on the silk screen underneath. This device is an EEPROM not an EPROM, and replacing the 2716 with a Xicor X2816BP fixed the crash and allowed the operator settings to be saved.