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Exciting Videogame
Type Sitdown
Released 1989~
Dimensions unknown x unknown x unknown mm
Wiring JAMMA
Monitor 20 in 15 kHz (Eygo chassis with Orion tube (A48JLL40X18))
Rotatable Yes
Weight unknown kg
Power Supply unknown
Power 110 W


This cab is a "clone" of the Tecmo Urban from 1989. This is the only example of this cab that has so far been unearthed, and was found by Arcade Otaku member Wurstkopp from Germany.

It is a sit-down cab in the candy style, however the cab itself appears to largely be made of wood with plastic components on the front.

It is interesting in that it appears to house a 20 inch monitor as opposed to the Tecmo cab which housed a 26 inch monitor.