Exerion Repair Logs

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Repairer: Apocalypse
Source: Exerion - Jaleco 1983 (repair log)

This game has a specific 36 pin connector so I had to build a converter (to JAMMA).
First symptoms were no video signals (no sync) but sound worked: replaced 74LS74 @ M9.
Then black screen with sound: replaced 2 * 153s @ D2 & E2.
I obtained an image but with a corrupted sprite layer (completely covering the background layer):

ApocExe 1.JPG

ApocExe 2.JPG

I replaced 2 RAMs @ B11 & D10:

ApocExe 3.JPG

ApocExe 4.JPG

I finally noticed dipswitches 1 were not working: replaced 74LS245 @ M2.

Game fixed.