F-Zero AX

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F-Zero AX

EU Flyer
Katakana エフゼロ エーエックス
Developer Amusement Vision
Publisher Sega
Release date June 2003
Genre Racing
Media GD-ROM
Control Dedicated Cabinet
Orientation Horizontal
Arcade hardware Triforce
Pinout JVS

F-Zero AX (エフゼロ エーエックス, known during development as F-Zero AC) is a futuristic racing game developed by Amusement Vision and published by Sega for the Triforce arcade system. Its arcade cabinet is available in three types: standard, deluxe and Monster Ride. The standard version is a regular sit-down model while the deluxe version is shaped like Captain Falcon's vehicle and offers a hydraulic tilting seat simulating the craft's cockpit. The F-Zero Monster Ride uses a machine called "Cycraft", which was developed between Sega and Simuline. The machine uses three servo motors to offer a movement motion based simulation.[1]

Game Modes

F-Zero AX includes two different modes of play. In the Race mode, the player selects a track and race against twenty-nine opponents. Connecting multiple cabinets opens up "Versus Play" in the race mode, thus enabling up to three other people to compete simultaneously. Though each track must be completed before time runs out, the player is awarded "time extensions" for reaching multiple checkpoints on the course. In the mode Time Attack, the player chooses any track and complete it in the shortest time possible.

Game Cards

Using a cardboard "F-Zero License Card", the game builds a custom vehicle which can later be upgraded using pilot points earned for winning races. The card also saves the players' user ID, custom machine data, race data and pilot points. When using the F-Zero License Card, the player receives a password after racing in Time Attack which can be entered into the F-Zero Internet Rankings. It saves their time with the machine they used on the database and ranks it against other peoples scores.[1]

GameCube connectivity

Nintendo GameCube memory cards, on which saved games are kept, can be used on F-Zero AX to download special data. Players are meant to use the AX arcade cabinets to unlock permanent access to the fifth and last cup, the AX Cup; a number of new custom machine parts and ten new vehicles.

Secret Codes

Race Mode: "No Versus"

  • Description: Play by yourself, with no VERSUS screen.
  • To access: Hold down the brake when selecting a race mode in the MODE SELECT screen. This is explained in the MODE SELECT Screen help.
  • Note: No Versus cannot be used when there is only one cabinet.

Race Mode: "VS Battle" (Human-only race)

  • Description: A race with only human competitors. COM machines cannot join the race. For two to four players.
  • To access: Each participant must hold down the brake when selecting their machine in the MACHINE SELECT screen.
  • Note: Cannot be used with only one cabinet or in one-player play. COM machines will always join.

Race Mode: "No Handicap"

  • Description: In Race Mode, cars in the rear are given supplemental speed and can go faster (player controlled machines only). To turn off supplemental speed, use No Handicap.
  • To access: All players (even in one-player races) must hold down the brake when selecting a machine from the Machine Settings Screen.
  • Note: In Race Mode, even one-player games are handicapped, so use the above to turn handicapping OFF.

Time Attack: Racing Staff Ghosts

  • Description: Lets you race against Staff Ghosts
  • To access: Hold down the brake with the cursor on "Champion Ghost" in the Course Selection Screen and select a course.