Final Fight Repair Logs

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Repairer: Paul Swan

BOARD NO: 0021
GAME: Final Fight
DATE: 1987

SYMPTOM (20/07/96)

No initialization/continous watchdog reset & sound bites.


Using a scope to have a look around the 68K indicated that all the address/data/control pins were pulsing normally. Continuing on to examine the EPROM address/data/control revealed two floating address inputs on A4 and A5. Tracing these two lines back using a multimeter revealed that the two traces went directly to the 68K socket and no continuity was detected from the socket pin to the 68K pin. Removing the 68K revealed severe corrosion on these two pins alone and it looked as if something had been spilt on the edge of the board. Cleaning the two pins and putting the 68K back fixed the game completly but a replacement socket is on order as the connection is still unreliable.