Fire Shark Repair Logs

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Repairer: Apocalypse
Source: Fire Shark (Same! Same! Same!) - Toaplan 1990 (repair log)

The board is in very good condition. However after powering it, it's stuck on a work RAM error:


To me the work RAM should be the one connected directly to the main CPU (68k). As the 68k is a 16 bit processor the work RAM is actually 2 RAMs type 6264 (one for the LSB, one for the MSB). So I pulled both (@ J10 and L10) and put 2 fresh ones instead. No results. As I was unsure I replaced the work RAMs I contacted Caius from jammarcade who confirmed the work RAMs are the ones connected to the main CPU. I put the board aside and few weeks later it didn't boot at all. I had to reflow the big SMD custom chip @ J18. Back to the work RAM error... After some more weeks I decided to check traces around the work RAMs and found 2 bad. I patched them and the game booted:



Game fixed.