Funky Jet Repair Logs

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Repairer: Elgen
Forum Thread: Funky Jet PCB Repair

Well, some repairs are very easy, and this one happens to be one of fact the hardest part of this rep, actually was to get the photos right for this log. Well I was given this board, along with some other defective ones, as payment for burning some EPROMs for this dude I know from When first hooked up, the game seemed to play fine and the sound was fine too. But at the intro (where the two main characters of the game fly past each other) and at the stage select screen the graphics was messed up.

Pcb repair funky jet 1.jpg

Pcb repair funky jet 2.jpg

Pcb repair funky jet 3.jpg

During visual inspection of the board, tahn infacts looks to be in pretty good overall condition, I noticed an IC with two caps soldered over the top of it. One of them had one pin broken loose from the IC.

Pcb repair funky jet 4.jpg

(here I have yanked it a bit to make a point };-P) I pressed it against the IC pin with my finger, and

Pcb repair funky jet 5.jpg

Pcb repair funky jet 6.jpg

Pcb repair funky jet 7.png

Fired up that old soldering iron...a few drops of solder...

Pcb repair funky jet 8.jpg

...and VIOLA...board fixed };-P

Repair Logs converted to wiki format by Brad from Aussie Arcade.