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DF1B Double Row Socket.jpg



Part numbers

  • CPS2 Kick Harness Connector
    • Description: Rectangular Connectors 2.5MM DOUBLE ROW SKT 34P HOUSING
    • Manufacturer Part Number: DF1B-34DS-2.5RC
    • Mouser Part No: 798-DF1B-34DS-2.5RC

  • Connector Pins
    • Description: Rectangular Connectors 20-22AWG SKT CONTACT TIN PLATING
    • Manufacturer Part No: DF1B-2022SC
    • Mouser Part No: 798-DF1B-2022SC
  • Board End Connector
    • Description: Headers 2.5MM RA DBL ROW HDR 34P THRU-HOLE TIN
    • Manufacturer Part No: DF1BZ-34DP-2.5DSA
    • Mouser Part No: 798-DF1BZ-34DP-2.5DSA

Pin numbering

HRS DF1B pin numbering.JPG

Pin 1 is marked by a little notch on the connector.

What they look like

Found in

Among other things, these connectors are used in:

Where to get them