Hantarex Polo 1

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Hantarex Polo 1 Monitor Chassis


No start up, no noises

F101 Meter B+ voltage at TP6 for +138 volts dc

No start up, clicking noise

T114 Bu508a D116,117,118,119 D134,135

Vertical frame collapse

+25 v at TP31if its missing then check the following R167 2R7 if you +25v at TP31 then check the following bad solder connection to remote board broken vertical size pot IC103 c139

Colour missing or tearing

T2,T3,C1 for red T4,T5,C2 for green T6,T7,C3 for blue if all those check fine then change IC1 LM1302N

Jailbars on the side of the screen

C14 C177 R36 270R

Checking b+ voltage and proving correct function of smps

Desolder pins 1 and 3 of the flyback transformer(make sure they are completely desoldered and not touching the trace)so it is isolated from the circuit. Then use a 40 watt light bulb with crocodile clips connect one side the the chassis frame and the other to R227 nearest pin 3 of the flyback. Twhen you switch on you can meter the b+ at r227(bulb side) and it should read around 110-115v dc steady. If it reads really high then there is a crack on your board and is normally around any fixing point or where the heat shield clips in. If it reads good then for sure its a dead flyback

Poor contrast, brightness issues - intermittant

C14 4.7uf 250v