Hyper Neo Geo 64

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Hyper Neo Geo 64
Katakana ハイパーネオジオ64
Manufacturer SNK
Year 1997
Media Cartridge
Resolution 15k
Predecessor SNK Neo Geo MVS

Motherboard Versions

  • Fighting - Only plays the 4 fighting games
  • Driving - Only plays the 2 driving games
  • Shooting - Only plays Beast Busters:Second Nightmare
  • Korean - Only plays the 2 Samurai Shodown Games[1]

Motherboard Revisions

The fighting game board has 2 revisions. The first revision looks to be JAMMA but is not true JAMMA as the sound does not come from the JAMMA edge but from an AMP connector mounted on the front of the board which is controlled by a potentiometer. There is a modification available to get mono sound off the JAMMA edge which involves removing a jumper and setting another. There is also a mysterious extra +5v connector that is supposed to be connected to the back of the board to "prolong" the life of the board per SNK. It is still unconfirmed if having the extra +5v connector connected actually does increase the boards life. Some say it is to divert the heat of the high amps going through the JAMMA edge. The 2nd board revision is true JAMMA and also has a switch to select between JAMMA output as well as MVS output which has stereo sound. It is easy to tell each revision apart, Revision 1 has a volume pot and amp connectors on the front where the Revision 2 board has only amp connectors(around 5) on the front of the board.[2]

If you put a game cartridge in a motherboard that does not support it, it will report a (MACHINE CODE ERROR). If you have the racing board and do not connect all of the analog inputs before bootup it will also throw up an error.

List of Games

English title Japanese title Release date Developer Original Price Genre Game ID
Beast Busters: Second Nightmare Beast Busters: Second Nightmare
(ビーストバスターズ セカンドナイトメア)
1998-09-11 SNK 1,380,000 yen - 50 inches
880,000 yen 29 inches
Rail Shooter HNG64 No. 04
Buriki-One Buriki-One
1999-05-21 SNK 129,000 yen Fighting HNG64 No. 07
Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition Garou Densetsu: Wild Ambition
1999-01-28 SNK 128,000 yen Fighting HNG64 No. 06
Road's Edge Round Trip RV
(ラウンドトリップ RV)
1997-09-10 SNK 880,000 yen Racing HNG64 No. 01
Samurai Shodown 64 Samurai Spirits
1997-12-19 SNK 260,000 yen Fighting HNG64 No. 02
Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage Samurai Spirits 2: Asura Zanmaden
1998-10-16 SNK 278,000 yen Fighting HNG64 No. 05
Xtreme Rally Off Beat Racer!
1998-05-13 SNK 1,580,000 yen Racing HNG64 No. 03


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