Hyper Olympics Repair Logs

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Board 1

Repairer: VectorGlow
Forum Thread: Hyper Olympic PCB Repair

Symptom: Letter ‘N’s filling up the screen (Hyper Olympic)
Cure: Bad 6116 RAM at location 6A on lower board – replaced 6116

Symptom: Letter ‘N’s filling up the screen, and sometimes a few ‘0’s scattered about (Hyper Olympic)
Cure: Bent pin 1 on 42-pin Konami chip at location 3C on lower board, straightened pin

Symptom: No sprites, shimmering jagged vertical lines filling up the whole screen (Hyper Olympic)
Cure: Bad Konami custom at location 16A on lower board replaced

Symptom: Sprites mis-coloured, also sometimes displayed in a block of colour with horizontal lines (Hyper Olympic)
Cure: Bad socket at location 16A on lower board – replaced socket

Board 2

Repairer: RetroRepair
Forum Thread: Hyper Olympic PCB Repair

Symptom: Sprites and background gfx have some serious problems.

Solution: Konami boards are notorious for having some of the least relyable sockets out there. Cleaning the legs of the sprite and bg eproms and reseating helped but some gfx refused to return..

Symptom: BG and text gfx missing detail, wrong colours, jailbars

Pcb repair hyper olympic 1.jpg

Solution: Probing the ROMs responsible for the above (D10, 11, 12) didn't show anything untoward was going on so I then turned my attention to the next part of the chain which was an LS273. All seemed to be working aside from an output which was stuck high. The input looked healthy so I pulled it and replaced it to repair the board.

Pcb repair hyper olympic 2.jpg

Pcb repair hyper olympic 3.jpg

Repair Logs converted to wiki format by Brad from Aussie Arcade.