IGS PolyGame Master 2

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IGS PolyGameMaster 2
Manufacturer International Games System
Year 2007 - Present
Media Cartridge
Resolution 15KHz
Wiring Standard MVS
Predecessor IGS PGM

The IGS PolyGame Master 2 is the successor to the IGS PolyGame Master, released in 2007.

IGS PGM and IGS PGM 2 games are not interchangeable. Only Oriental Legend 2 was released in Japan and instead of a motherboard/cartridge combo, it is an all in 1 PCB without card reader functionality.

IGS PGM 2 Releases

Title Year Publisher
DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou Tamashii 2010 IGS
King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match Hero 2009 SNK
Knights of Valor 2 : New Legend 2008 IGS
Knights of Valor 3 2011 IGS
Oriental Legend 2 2007 IGS