IGS PolyGame Master

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IGS PolyGameMaster
Manufacturer International Games System
Year 1997 - 2005
Media Cartridge
Single PCB
CPU Motorola 68000 @ 20 MHz
Sound Z80 @ 8.468 MHz
ICS2115 32-channel PCM
Resolution 15KHz
Wiring Standard JAMMA
Successor IGS PGM 2

The IGS PolyGame Master is an arcade system released by IGS in 1997. Designed to rival the SNK Neo Geo MVS, it borrows many design elements from the MVS, such as a cartridge system. Later on in the IGS PGM life cycle, some games were released in both cartridge form and single PCB form, similar to the MVS single PCB games. In 2007, the successor to the IGS PGM, the IGS PolyGame Master 2, was released.

IGS also allowed Cave to release games on a custom single PCB version of the PGM, known as the CAVE IGS PGM Hardware.

Hardware Specifications

The IGS PGM uses JAMMA pinout with a fourth button, similar to a 1-slot Neo Geo MVS.

The CPU is a Motorola 68000 running at 20 MHz, sound CPU is a Z80 running at 8.468 MHz, and the sound chip is an ICS2115, which affords the IGS PGM 32-channel PCM audio.

The small push button should bring the test menu and the brown switch erase the contents of the NVRAM. Use this to reset to factory defaults or reset scores if they save.

The battery on the IGS PGM is a Varta 3/V60R.

IGS PGM Releases

Title Alt. Title Format Year
3-in-1 Cartridge 2004
Dragon World 2 China Dragon 2 / Chuugoku Ryuu 2 Cartridge 1997
Dragon World 2001 China Dragon 4 / Chuugoku Ryuu 4 Cartridge 2001
Dragon World 3 China Dragon 3 / Chuugoku Ryuu 3 Cartridge 1998
Dragon World 3 EX China Dragon 3 EX / Chuugoku Ryuu 3 EX Cartridge 1999
Dragon World 3 Special China Dragon 3 Special / Chuugoku Ryuu 3 Special Cartridge 2000
Dragon World Pretty Chance China Dragon Pretty Chance / Chuugoku Ryuu Pretty Chance Cartridge 2001
Demon Front Cartridge & PCB 2002
DoDonPachi 2 : Bee Storm Cartridge 2001
Happy 6-in-1 Cartridge 2004
Killing Blade Gouken Kyoutou Cartridge 1998
Killing Blade Plus Cartridge 2005
Knights of Valor Sangoku Senki Cartridge 1999
Knights of Valor 2 Sangoku Senki 2 Cartridge 2000
Knights of Valor 2 Plus: Nine Dragons Sangoku Senki 2 Plus: Nine Dragons Cartridge 2001
Knights of Valor Super Heroes Sangoku Senki Super Heroes Cartridge 1999
Knights of Valor Super Heroes Plus Sangoku Senki Super Heroes Plus Cartridge 2004
Knights of Valour Plus Knights Of Valour In Three Kingdoms Cartridge 1999
Martial Masters Shin Li Chen Cartridge 2001
Oriental Legend Xi Yo Gi Shi Re Zuang Cartridge 1997
Oriental Legend Special Oriental Legend Super Cartridge 1998
Oriental Legend Special Plus Oriental Legend Super Plus Cartridge 2004
Photo Y2K Real and Fake Cartridge 1999
Photo Y2K 2 Real and Fake 2 Cartridge 2000
Puzzle Star Cartridge 2000
Puzzli 2 Cartridge 1999
Puzzli 2 Super Cartridge 2001
SVG: Spectral vs. Generation Cartridge & PCB 2005
The Gladiator: The Road of Sword Cartridge & PCB 2003


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