Jaleco Pony Mark III 25

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Jaleco Pony Mark III 25
AKA Pony III, Pony Mark III, Pony 3, Pony 25
Type Sitdown
Released 1990
Dimensions 740 x 600 x 1060 mm
Wiring JAMMA
Monitor 25 in 15/24 kHz (Nanao MS8)
Rotatable Yes
Weight 78 kg
Power 130 W


The lit marquee insert measures 2 x 92 x 590 mm.

The PCB mounting board is 12mm plywood, measuring 385mm square.

The marquee is held together by M4 polycarbonate screws, nuts and washers. M4 screw (cross head) length: 18mm, head diameter: 7mm, head height: 2.6mm. Nut: 8mm width, 3.3mm height. Washer: 10mm.




Wiring diagram