Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi

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Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi

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Katakana ケツイ~絆地獄たち~
Developer Cave
Publisher AMI
Producer Kenichi Takano
Designer Akira Wakabayashi
Programmer Tsuneki Ikeda
Takashi Ichimura
Artist Tomoharu Saito
Composer Manabu Namiki
Release date 28 January 2003
Genre Shooter
Control 8-way Joystick, 3 Buttons
Orientation Vertical
Arcade hardware CAVE IGS PGM Hardware
Display 15KHz

Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi (ケツイ~絆地獄たち~) is a manic shooter by Cave and published by AMI. Ketsui was programmed by Tsuneki Ikeda and released on 28 January 2003 on the CAVE IGS PGM Hardware.

Ketsui is famous for being Kernow's favorite game.


In the year 2054, chaos spreads over the globe as global warming finally exacts its toll on Earth: the ice caps quickly melt, causing a tremendous series of cataclysms and for entire nations to disappear under the sea. The near apocalyptic setting and the quickly depleting resources of the remaining dry lands force nations into constant war, eventually culminating into World War III; all efforts by the United Nations to cease hostilities are twarthed by a seemingly endless supply of technologically advanced weaponry being sold to each side of every conflict. After investigation, the source is tracked back to EVAC Industry, an arms dealer who's been reaping tremendously high profits from the situation, at times directly intervening to fuel the hostilities with utter disregard towards human lives; any attempt to negotiate with the board of directors has utterly failed, the earnings having proven high enough for the company to build its own cities, shipyards, defensive emplacements and even a private airport, to the point of assembling its own army of extremely well equipped mercenary troops. Being unable to enter the fray officially, the UN sets up a strike team of four pilots, each pair given one of two advanced helicopters: the plan is to simulate a rebellion within EVAC forces and bring down the company's headquarters, where research on a series of tremendous warmachines is taking place; for this reason, the planes both bear EVAC insignia and callsigns and are built according to stolen prototype blueprints - by no means, in success or failure, must the operation be traced back to the United Nations. However, for all this secrecy to be effective, even in victories the assault choppers will have to be destroyed... and the pilots killed. However, to compensate for their sacrifice, the UN shall fulfill one of their wishes, no matter what it is. And this, onboard a stolen EVAC carrier plane, is how the story begins...[1]


There are two ships from which to choose:

  • Fighter Type-A: AH-Y72 Tiger Schwert, the slower ship with a wide shot; piloted by Alice Blackbarn and Lloyd Evans Mann.
  • Fighter Type-B: FH-X4 Panzer Jäger, the faster ship with a narrow shot; piloted by Yuuma Nanase and Steel Yureku.


There are three known revisions to Ketsui. However, revisions are not marked with any labels on the ROMs themselves; the only way to know which revision you have is to look at the version string on the warning screen. The later revisions fix a number of bugs with the game, notably the bug that crashes the game if you press start during the demonstration when the game is set to free play.[2]


The game features two different second loops, these loops are accessible to players that successfully complete the first loop without continuing as well as meeting certain other conditions. The easier one is the Omote Loop, which is triggered if the sum of bombs used and lives lost in the first loop are six or fewer. In this loop, scrolling direction is reversed and enemies shoot pink suicide bullets unless point-blanked. Unfortunately, the True Last Boss cannot be fought in this loop.

The second and more difficult to access loop is the Ura Loop. To access this loop, players must achieve a score of at least 120,000,000 in the first loop as well as complete the first loop with no lives lost and no bombs used. If the Ura Loop is triggered, the message "WELCOME TO SPECIAL ROUND" will be displayed before the Ura Loop begins. In this loop, enemies fire more bullets as well as blue suicide bullets unless point-blanked. Only in this loop can the True Last Boss be fought.


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