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Creating some wiring to connect a Konami game to a SEGA Stereo amplifier is an easy task, but for people who have never created such wiring before, the task can seem daunting. This page provides step by step instructions on how to create this wiring.

This is a good entry level project for people who are just starting their ownership of a Candy cabinet, who want a quick and easy upgrade to build self confidence on. It's easy to do and you'll notice a serious increase in Audio quality.

Stuff you'll need

  • 1x 4 pin JST NH connector (This connects to your game board)
  • 1x 4 pin AMP Universal Power connector (This will connect to the amp)
  • 4x JST NH Pins
  • 4x AMP UP Pins
  • 4 pieces of wire, I used pieces about 2 feet (60cm) long stolen from some other wiring, but a foot (30cm) is likely to be more than enough. Unsure? Check your cabinet, measure twice and cut once. Remember to leave a little extra just in case.
  • A few Tie-wraps (Cable ties, Zip Ties, whatever you call them)

Getting Started

First we need to talk about these connectors.

The Connectors

The Image to the right shows the pin numbers for the connectors we will be using in this project. Pay attention to those numbers, as some game boards may not be tolerant of being hooked up wrong, and if you hook the left up to the right, you'll have flipped stereo and that isn't any fun either.

Preparing your wires

You'll need 4 wires of the same length with one AMP pin on one end, and one JST pin on the other end. Easy enough to do, use your crimper to get them on there and test with a multimeter to make sure they're connected. It should look reasonably close to this when you're done.

The 4 wires

More info on pin numbers

Now we have to learn what those pins do.

On Sega's AMP, the pin assignments are:

  • 1 - Left Speaker +
  • 2 - Left Speaker -
  • 3 - Right Speaker +
  • 4 - Right Speaker -

And On Konami's hardware the pin assignments are:

  • 1 - Left Speaker +
  • 2 - Left Speaker -
  • 3 - Right Speaker -
  • 4 - Right Speaker +

So this is pretty easy to do. We simply insert the wires into the connectors so the same labels are connected. So, Pin 1 and 2 are both connected to each other, but Pins 3 and 4 are reversed on the two connectors (Pin 3 on the AMP goes to Pin 4 on the JST, and Pin 4 on the JST goes to pin 3 on the AMP)

Once you've connected the wires, the only step remaining is to tie-wrap the wires together nice and neatly so they don't tangle with things. Mine is about 2 and a half feet long and I used 3 tie-wraps. Use your own method on this one, but I did what I thought I had to to keep the cables from tangling with everything in my cabinet.

The next step is pretty easy! Connect it to your board and Amplifier and go play! Don't forget to change your Konami game into Stereo mode, this requires flipping Dip Switch 1 on games that do this by dip switch and resetting the game, or turning the cabinet off and moving the jumper to "Stereo" on older Konami games with Mono/Stereo jumpers. Connect the cable to your Audio Out port on your board and to the Audio In port on the amplifier. Turn your amp down to 0, and turn it up when you can do a sound test in the operator menu, so you don't blow out your speakers (Replacing those is a much more advanced project!)

Have fun!

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