Konami System 573

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Konami System 573

Photo of PCB
Katakana しすてむ573
Manufacturer Konami
Year 1998
Media CD-ROM & Cartridge
CPU Sony R3000A-based CPU
Sound PlayStation SPU
Resolution 15KHz
Wiring Standard JAMMA
Predecessor Konami Hornet
Successor Konami Viper

Konami System 573 is arcade hardware released by Konami in 1998. It is based around the PlayStation console hardware and uses a combination of CD-ROM and security cartridge to load games.

Later Bemani System 573 releases pair the security cartridge and hardware together, preventing it from being used with a different game title. System 573 can also be affected by the RTC dying. While this doesn't prevent games from loading, it does prevent the system saving game save data (high scores etc).[1]

System 573 Games

Title Year Type Hardware Code CD-ROM Code Notes
Anime Champ 2000.12 P
Bass Angler 1998.03 P GE765 JA 765 JA A02
Bass Angler 2 1998.07 P GC865 JA 865 JA A02
DAM-DDR Dance Dance Revolution for DAM 1999.11 P
DAM-DDR Dance Dance Revolution for DAM 2nd 2000.07 P
Dance Dance Revolution 1998.09 A GC845 JA 845 JA/UA A01 / 845 JA A02
Dance Dance Revolution Internet Ranking ver. 1998.11 A GC845 JA 845 JB A01 / 845 JA/UA A02
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix 1999.01 A GC895 JA 895 JA A02
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix Link version 1999.04 A GE885 JA 885 JA A02
DDR 2nd Mix with bmIIDX Club ver. 1999.05 A GN896 JA 896 JA A01
DDR 2nd Mix AND bmIIDX substream Club ver. 2 1999.05 A GE984 JA 984 JA A01
Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass Mix 1999.08 D GQ894 JA 894 JA A02
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix 1999.10 D GN887 AA/JA/KA 887 AA/JA/KA A02
Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000 1999.12 D GC905 AA/JA 905 AA/JA A02
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Plus 2000.06 D GCA22 JA A22 JA A02
Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix 2000.08 D GCA33 JA A33 JA A02
Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Plus 2000.12 D GCA34 JA A34 JA A02
Dance Dance Revolution Kids 2000.12 ?
Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix 2001.03 D GCA27 JA A27 JA A02
DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix 2001.10 D GCB19 JA B19 JA A02
DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix 2002.03 D GCB20 JA B20 JA A02
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2002.12 D GCC36 JA C36 JA A02
Dance Maniax 2000.06 D GE874 JA 874 JA A
Dance Maniax 2nd Mix 2000.12 D GCA39 JA A39 JA A02
Dance Maniax 2nd Mix Append J Paradise 2001.04 D
Dancing Stage 1999.08 A GN845 EA 845 EA
Dancing Stage Euro Mix 2000 D GE936 EA 936 EA A
Dancing Stage Euro Mix 2 2000 D G*C23 EA C23 EA A02
Dancing Stage featuring Disney's Rave 2000.11 D GCA37 JA A37 JA A02
Dancing Stage featuring Dreams Come True 1999.12 D GC910 JA 910 JA/JC A02
Dancing Stage featuring True Kiss Destination 1999.07 A G*884 JA 884 JA A02
Dark Horse Legend 1998.03 P GX706 JA 706 JA A02
DrumMania 1999.07 A GQ881 JA 881 JA D01 / 881 JA A02
DrumMania 2nd Mix 2000.03 D GE912 JA 912 JA B02
DrumMania 3rd Mix 2000.09 D GCA23 JA A23 JA A02
DrumMania 4th Mix 2001.03 D GEA25 JA A25 JA A02
DrumMania 5th Mix 2001.09 D GCB05 JA B05 JA A02
DrumMania 6th Mix 2002.02 D GCB16 JA B16 JA A02
DrumMania 7th Mix 2002.08 N GCC07 JA C07 JA A02
DrumMania 7th Mix power-up ver. 2002.08 N GEC07 JB C07 JC A02
DrumMania 8th Mix 2003.04 N GCC38 JA C38 JA A02
DrumMania 9th Mix 2003.10 N GCD09 JA D09 JA A02
DrumMania 10th Mix 2004.04 N
Fighting Mania 2000 ?
Fisherman's Bait 1998.06 P GE765 UA 765 UA B02
Fisherman's Bait 2 1998 P GC865 UA 865 UA B02
Fisherman's Bait Marlin Challenge 1999 P GX889 889 AA/EA/JA/UA
Gachagachamp 1999.01 P GQ877 JA GE877-JA(PCMCIA card)
GuitarFreaks 1999.02 A GQ886 EA/JA/UA 886 ** C02
GuitarFreaks 2nd Mix 1999.07 A GQ883 JA 929 JB B02
GuitarFreaks 2nd Mix Link ver. 1999.07 A
GuitarFreaks 3rd Mix 1999.09 D GE949 JA 949 JA C01 / 949 JA C02
GuitarFreaks 4th Mix 2000.04 D GEA24 JA A24 JA A02
GuitarFreaks 5th Mix 2000.08 D GCA26 JA A26 JA A02
GuitarFreaks 5th Mix 2001.03 D GCB06 JA B06 JA A02
GuitarFreaks 6th Mix 2001.09 D GCB17 JA B17 JA A02
GuitarFreaks 7th Mix 2002.02 D GCC08 JA C08 JA A02
GuitarFreaks 8th Mix 2002.08 N GEC08 JB C08 JB A02
GuitarFreaks 8th Mix power-up ver. 2002.11 N GCC39 JA C39 JA A02
GuitarFreaks 9th Mix 2003.04 N GCD10 JA D10 JA A02
GuitarFreaks 10th Mix 2003.10 N
GuitarFreaks 11th Mix 2004.04 N G?906 JA (no CD)
Gun Mania 2000.07 G
Gun Mania Zone Plus 2000.10 ?
Handle Champ 1997.12 P GQ710 JA (no CD)
Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ 1998.07 P GC876 EA (no CD)
Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ - 2 Player 1998.08 P GC908 JA 908A02
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu EX 1998.04 P GX802 JA 802 JA B02
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu EX 98 1998.08 P
Kick & Kick 2001 ?
Konami 80's Arcade Gallery 1998.11 P GC826 JA 826 JA A01
Konami 80's AC Special 1998 P GC826 UA 826 UA A01
Mambo a GoGo 2001.06 D
Punchmania Hokuto no Ken 2000.03 D 918 JA B02
Punchmania Hokuto no Ken 2 2000.12 D A09 JA A02
Salary Man Champ 2001.02 P GCA18 JA A18 JA
Step Champ 1999.12 P

Type Key

P: plain System573
A: uses ext. analog I/O board
D: uses ext. digital sound and I/O board
N: uses network PCB unit + ext. digital sound and I/O board
G: gun mania only, drives air soft gun (this game uses real BB bullet)


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