Konami Windy II

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Konami Windy II
Katakana コナミ ウィンディ II
Type Sitdown
Released 1997
Dimensions 905 x 750 x 1339 (1699 with marquee) mm
Wiring JVS (Includes Konami JVS>JAMMA board)
Monitor 29 in 15/24/31 kHz (Toshiba PB7534)
Rotatable Yes
Weight 105 kg
Power 180 W




JVS to JAMMA adaptor

Jvs2jamma konami.JPG

The official Konami PWB(A)404944B (GU707-JE) adaptor that allows JAMMA games to be played, pictured right

Other alternatives include:
Namco (Cyberlead)
River Service (not recommended!)
Custom built Irken Labs (Invzim) Jammafier, a brilliant adaptor that can include a Tri-Sync Helper to remove the need for switches and/or cable swaps

I/O Compatability

Windy II IO.jpg
Windy II IO 2.jpg

The Konami PWB405270B IO has been tested as working with the following:

  • Taito Type X2 (Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition)
  • Sega Naomi - Dip Switch 4 or 7 (depending on I/O) needs to be turned ON in order for some (mostly Capcom) games to work. The JVS menu needs to show COIN 2 SLOT Thanks to Yosai for translating the manual (image to the right) and testing
  • Tatsunoko vs Capcom - Dip Switch 4 or 7 (depending on I/O) needs to be turned ON, otherwise some buttons result in the I/O detecting a coin being inserted.

The Konami PWB405270B IO is NOT compatible with the following:

  • Tatsunoko vs Capcom

Some buttons result in the IO detecting a coin being inserted. The game is fully playable, but the coin sound gets somewhat annoying after a while

  • Some Sega Naomi games (example SFZ3 Upper, Capcom vs SNK...)


More info can be found here:

tl;dr - Some Naomi games check for Analogue functionality on the I/O (which the Konami doesn't have) even if the game doesn't use/require it

The above info is no longer correct - turning Dip switch 4 or 7 ON rectifies the error and games become fully playable. Most likely cause of the issue is the games expecting/requiring 2 x Coin slots, whereas the Konami only supports 1 by default.

Screen curvature compatabilty

Cabinets that appear to have the same screen curvature as the Windy II are Blast city, Net city and New Versus city.

Tube make/number Model Chassis Notes
Toshiba A68LBT696X (7K) K29CH55 Toshiba PB7534
Toshiba A68KZN696X (7D) K29CH55 Toshiba PB7534 Toshiba PB-9430-1 compatible
Toshiba A68KZN696X (6G) Unknown Nanao MS-2930-S Also used in Blast City cabs
Toshiba A68KSM696X (9L) Unknown Nanao MS-2934 Tube is also compatible with a MS-2931 chassis
Hitachi A68K5A30X (D) Unknown Nanao MS9 compatible Screen curvature is not exactly the same, but more compatible than tubes from an Astro / NAC / E2 /Windy 1
Sanwa 29E31S Unknown Unknown Unknown if this screen curvature will fit, but it has been suggested it will

Last resort if unable to source a compatible tube - source a Windy 1, 'borrow' the bezel, stick an MS8/9 tube in it :twisted:

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