Lode Runner: The Dig Fight

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Lode Runner: The Dig Fight

Lode Runner: The Dig Fight Flyer
Developer Psikyo
Publisher Psikyo
Release date 2000
Genre Platformer
Control 8-way Joystick, 2 Buttons
Orientation Horizontal
Arcade hardware Psikyo SH2
Display 15k / dual screen


There are two versions of the game: the first version is A, and the later and final version is B. Game menus, level system, and color scheme are different between the 2 versions.

Two Players

In 2-players mode, the both of you battle against one another within the level. (Fight mode)

However, if you go to the Dip Switch menu, you can change the 2-player mode from a fight mode into a co-op mode. In this mode, both players cooperate with each other in beating each stage.

Go to Game Settings and select Single or Together mode under Game Mode. Either one enables co-op mode. Both players play using the same screen. Single mode enables only one monitor while Together mode enables both so that 2 people can play on one monitor and another 2 can play on the other.

Maintenance Code

Go to the Dip Switch menu and click on Maintenance code. Enter in 50820. You will gain access to a whole lot of new features and settings that isn't normally available.

Credits to Paul Priest for providing me with the information concerning the 2-players mode and the differences between versions.[1]