MVS MV-1FS Repair Logs

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Repairer: channelmaniac

Symptom: Stuck on Green - Calendar Error

Board had damage from a leaking battery. Customer removed battery before sending the board in.

Cleaned the board and jumpered a bad trace to fix the calendar problem. Board was stuck in a reboot cycle. Repaired another dead trace in the battery section that was sending power to a 74HC32 as part of the circuit for the enable lines on the Backup RAM. Replaced the missing battery and tested.

Symptom: Garbled audio

The audio wasn't muffled but rather was garbled in the digital section of the board. Soldered over several scratched traces to protect them and checked the DAC and looping Op-Amp IC connected to the DAC. Found the battery had leaked. Cleaned the board, resoldered 2 corroded plate thru to trace connections to fix the audio, and replaced the battery.