Mikie Repair Logs

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Repairer: channelmaniac

Symptoms: No audio

Board had physical damage. Replaced 3 broken capacitors, 1 LM324 Op-Amp, and the LA4460 audio output IC. Tested game and found corrupt graphics. Reprogrammed the EPROM at H1 with the code for the USA version. It had the Japanese version of code on it.

Symptoms: Corrupt graphics

This board was in strange shape with extra chips on it. Removed 3 EPROMs with incorrect code from the board. The board had the 27128 version chips and some of the 2764 version of chips on it. The 2764 chips were not necessary for the game to operate. Verified the remaining EPROMs were correct and in the proper position on the board. Address lines A0 and A10 on the graphics EPROMs were stuck high. Replaced a bad 74LS373 IC at C6 to fix the graphics problems and tested the board.