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Mitchell Corporation

Mitchell Logo
Katakana 株式会社ミッチェル
Type Developer
Founded February 1, 1960
Key People Roy Ozaki,Koichi Niida
Headquarters Suginami, Tokyo, Japan

Mitchell Corporation (株式会社ミッチェル) is a Japanese video game developer based in the Suginami ward of Tokyo. Roy Ozaki serves as president, and Koichi Niida serves as vice-president. The company was originally established on February 1, 1960 as an import/export business by the father of Roy Ozaki. Ozaki and Niida took over the company and began acting as exclusive overseas agents for such video game companies as Visco Corporation, Video System, SETA Corporation, Metro, Home Data, and other small video game manufacturers in the 1980s. [1].

List of Arcade Releases

Release Date English Title Japanese Title
2003-11-19 Kono e-Tako このeたこ
2002-08 Gamshara 銃武者羅
2001-11 Janpai Puzzle Choukou 雀牌パズル「長江」
2001-02 Puzz Loop 2 パズループ2
2000-11 Mighty! Pang マイティ・パン
1998-12 Puzz Loop パズループ
1996-08 Sankokushi 三刻志
1996-02 Osman / Cannon Dancer キャノンダンサー
1995-11 Sotsugyo ShoSho 卒業証書
1995-05 Pang! 3 パン!3
1995-05 Party Time 2 がんばれ!
1994-05 Mirage 妖獣麻雀伝
1993-12 Lady Killer 燃えよゴンタ!
1993-12 Double-Wings 雙翼
1992-12 The Karate Tournament チャタンヤラクーシャンク
1992-07 Funky Jet ファンキージェット
1990-11 Super Pang スーパーパン
1989-11 Pang ポンピングワールド


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