Super Pang

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Super Pang

Promotional Flyer
Katakana スーパーパン
Developer Mitchell
Publisher Capcom
Designer Toshihiko "NDA" Uda, Futoshi Kuwahara
Series Pang
Release date November 1990
Genre Shooting Puzzle
Control 8-way Joystick, 1 Button
Orientation Horizontal
Display 15KHz
Pinout JAMMA

Super Pang (known as Super Buster Bros in the US) is a "Shooting Puzzle"[1] videogame developed by Mitchell and published by Capcom in 1990. It is the second game in the Pang series.

Suicide Battery

Super Pang has a battery onboard that is used to help store the encryption keys required for decrypting the game data. When this battery dies, the encryption keys are lost and the game no longer functions. A guide to fix a suicided Pang board can be found here - The Dead Battery Society. Desuicided boards can be identified by wires running between the two EPROMs (and sometimes the CPU) in the bottom right corner of the PCB.

Tips and Tricks

  • Stage Select on Tour Mode : Select Tour mode. Hold down the joystick and press fire button.
  • Win 500 Points in Panic Mode : Hold down the joystick and 500 points will be added to your score every few seconds.
  • Win 100,000 Points in Panic Mode : If you go without shooting anything for the amount of time it takes for the background song to repeat, you will automatically get 100,000 points, but the speed of the balls will suddenly become extremely fast.


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