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This article covers how to remove and install a monitor chassis - generically. Some chassis's differ from the ones shown in the article and have additional cabling - ask on the forums if you're unsure.

Removing an Installed Chassis

Discharging the Monitor

Electricity is retained inside the monitor even after being unplugged (and sometimes, even after months without use). To prevent a large scale shock, discharging the monitor is the very first thing that needs to be done when removing a chassis. Ensure that the cabinet is unplugged before performing this procedure.

See our How to discharge a monitor guide.

Removing the Neck Board

After you have disconnected the power, discharged the monitor, and removed the anode cap, disconnect the ground wire that runs from the neck board to the braided wire on the picture tube. Then gently grasp the neck board on both sides and rock it back and forth to loosen it. It should slide off with no trouble. The Nanao's have no sealant around the connection and they can only fit one way.

Unplugging Power / Degauss Leads

Disconnect the two power cables on the rear of the chassis and also the degauss cable in the corner.

Removing the Yoke cables

Disconnect the yoke cables. There will be a red/blue behind the HOT heat sink and a grey/brown next to it. The colors are marked on the chassis so you don't get them backwards but you can mark them just in case.

Removing the Remote Board and Video Leads

Unplug the remote board connector and the rgb/d-sub connectors from the chassis.

Removing the Chassis

Make sure everything is unplugged from the chassis. The chassis can have from 0-4 screws holding it to the frame in each corner. Remove those if present. Now depress the two clips on either side of the chassis while lifting it up to clear them. Once the clips are cleared, you can gently slide the chassis back away from the frame. Make sure the yoke wires do not snag anything and be mindful of the neck board that is still attached to the chassis.

Installing a new Chassis

Mounting the Chassis

If mounting a Nanao chassis, gently slide the chassis onto the frame. The front of the chassis will slide under two metal clips. Press the chassis down to engage the black plastic clips on the left and right.

Preparing the Anode

Prep the tube by applying some dielectric grease with a disposable paint brush. Make sure not to get any on the raised bump where the clips go and paint the grease 5cm outside the boundary of the cap itself. Clean any existing grease out of the cap with isopropyl alcohol. Grease the inside of the cap around the outer edge. The grease will protect the rubber and give it a good seal. Holding the cap with one hand, lift one edge up so you can see where the clips are. Stick one clip in the hole and then rock the other one in. Press firmly to ensure you get a good connection.

Installing the Neck Board

Make sure not to force the neck board. It only fits one way and does not require a lot of pressure to attach it. Connect the ground wire.

Plugging in Power / Video Leads

Installing the Mount Board

Powering Up

Common Problems