Monitor Chassis Matching

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Matching Monitor Chassis to Tubes

In relation to replacing monitor chassis with a different type/make there are some things to take into account.

  1. The size of the tube as a 21" chassis will not run a 29" tube, match the tube size.
  2. The neck pin layout, for example most 29" tubes are a 10 pin but you do find some newer pure flat dynamic focus tubes with 11 pins - some smaller tubes use an 8 pin socket.
  3. The input voltage, almost all modern chassis are what's termed free voltage which means they can run on anything from 85V to 265V AC, most if not all chassis that run on 120V only will need an isolation transformer or a stepdown transformer.
  4. The yoke specification - i.e., the inductance and resistance of your yoke should match the specification of the chassis.