NBA Jam Repair Logs

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Repairer: channelmaniac

Symptom: Scratchpad RAM Error

Board would power up with a Scratchpad RAM Error for UJ7. Replaced the bad chip, a 44256 DRAM, with a socketed replacement. Board would then power up and run but would intermittantly give an error on Video RAM UA11.

Replaced the VRAM IC at UA11 - part # MT42C8128, a 256 x 8 SAM + 128K x 8 RAM dual port video RAM chip. Chip is hard to find but can be found on some old Sun Microsystems frame buffer (video) cards from the early 90s. (In this case a Weitek Power 9000 based card by Megatek)

Ran board through the built-in burn-in tests and played a couple of games.