Namco JVS to JAMMA Adaptor

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Namco JVS / JAMMA Adapter

  • Part #8662968102
  • Generates -5V
  • S-Video out
  • Switchable mono/stereo
  • Buttons 1-4 on JAMMA edge

One of the the best options for playing JAMMA games in a JVS cabinet. Originally came with the Namco Cyber Lead cabinet. The board was shipped from factory with an audio fix consisting of 2 jumper wires, going through the PCB at position marked JP4 to resistors R26 and R30.

Namco JAMMA - JVS.jpg

Kick Harness

Kick is of type ???


  1. SPKR+
  2. SPKR-
  3. GND
  4. Player 1 - Button 4
  5. Player 2 - Button 4
  6. Player 1 - Button 5
  7. Player 2 - Button 5
  8. Player 1 - Button 6
  9. Player 2 - Button 6
  10. GND

Coin Issues

CAVE CV1000 (SH3) games seem to have issues with coin and or test key:

  • EspGaluda II - coin input does not work, test key does not work (service credit works, so you can play..)
  • Akai Katana - coin input does not work

Other PCB's with similar issues:

Alcon - coin input does not work, service credit does not work

MVS 138-in-1 - coin input does not work, service credit does not work

Street Fight (German version of "Empire City: 1932") - coin input does not work, service credit does not work

Other issues

Be aware of voltage drop when using power-hungry boards , the short jamma harness has 4x24AWG(thin!) wires for 5V delivery and the PCB itself does not have fantastic power delivery layout, meaning you may see some voltage drop. When tested with 5A load, it will drop in excess of 0.2V in the board itself, in addition to voltage drop of the JVS power cables in the cabinet.

It has a factory 'bodge' for audio, 2 wires manually soldered. If you want 'clean dual mono', you need an RCA Y cable and only use the red/right RCA output.


Dipswitches 1-4 (SW2)

!!!Not Confirmed!!! Dip 1 = Test Dip 2 = Stop Screen Dip 3 = Unassigned Dip 4 = Unassigned


Instruction Manual

Additional Tech Notes

  • IC1 - MACH211 - High-Performance EE CMOS Programmable Logic
  • IC2,IC5,IC7,IC9 - 74F373 - Octal Transparent Latch with 3-STATE Outputs
  • IC3 - 74F74 - Dual D-Type Positive Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop
  • IC4 - "3771 9649 342" - Most likely a MB3771 Power Supply Monitor
  • IC6 - C77 7A1 3202A02F - Most likely the CPU
  • IC8 - AT29C512 - 512kbit flash memory
  • IC10 - NKK N341256SJ-15 - 256kbit SRAM, 32768x8 bits
  • IC11 - LT1054 - Switched-Capacitor Voltage Converter for generating -5V
  • IC12 - ADM485JR - RS-485 transceiver for JVS
  • IC13 - 74F04 - Hex Inverter (buffer for JVS sense line?)