Nanao MS-9 capacitor listing

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300 wins on neo-geo forum recently finished recapping his Nanao MS9 chassis. He kindly listed the caps he used and gave me permission to copy and paste that list here:

" So I just finished recapping my Nanao MS9 chassis. This is the chassis with the PCB-MAIN 0500675C2. It is the one with the 15khz and 24khz jumper on it. I have removed every cap myself and noted them down. This came from a working chassis, so I know all the caps are correct. The listings online don't have every cap listed because they all seem to not list the remote board cap and which cap is the bi-polar one."

C102 1uf 50v

C107 22uf 50v

C201 47uf 16v

C202 47uf 16v

C203 47uf 16v

C211 2.2uf 50v

C212 2.2uf 50v

C213 2.2uf 50v

C220 470uf 16v

C221 100uf 16v

C222 22uf 50v

C280 10uf 16v (remote board)

C332 10uf 250v (neck board)

C402 470uf 16v

C406 1000uf 35v

C407 100uf 35v

C408 100uf 35v

C409 100uf 35v

C411 2.2uf 50v (bi polar cap)

C451 22uf 50v

C455 10uf 50v

C456 10uf 50v

C457 10uf 50v

C458 22uf 50v

C459 22uf 50v

C503 100uf 35v

C513 10uf 250v

C515 100uf 160v

C554 1uf 50v

C556 1uf 50v

C561 47uf 16v

C562 100uf 10v

C951 180uf 100v

C952 220uf 100v

C953 47uf 160v

C954 680uf 35v

C955 180uf 25v

C956 680uf 10v

C957 10uf 35v

C958 47uf 16v


The above list is not complete. It's missing C911 1000uF 200V