Osamu Ohta

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Osamu Ohta
Katakana おおた おさむ
Kanji 太田 理
Blood Type A
Born Feb 26
Birthplace Okayama Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Composer, Programmer
Workplace Toaplan
Years Active 1984 - Present

Osamu Ohta is a composer and programmer who previously worked at Toaplan and Taito. He joined Toaplan as a programmer and composer in 1984, leaving for Taito in 1994 when Toaplan closed due to bankruptcy.

Games contributed to

Game Year Company Role
Get Star / Guardian 1985 Toaplan Assistant
Slap Fight / Alcon 1986 Toaplan Assistant
Mahjong Sisters 1986 Toaplan
Daisenpuu / Twin Hawk 1989 Toaplan
Snow Bros 1990 Toaplan Composer
Knuckle Bash 1993 Toaplan

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